What’s Going On?

Hi, I’m an average homeschooled teenager, nice seeing you here! You can call me Pluck. One normal afternoon, I had the bright idea to create a blog keeping track of the crazy dreams I tend to have at night. Everything from battles between fantasy characters to running from aliens in bizarre circumstances, I hope that you find these as interesting and exciting (or dumbfounding) as I do! Understandably, I am unable to thoroughly envelope you in the same experiences I go through in these dreams, but I hope to improve my writing skills overtime in hopes of entertaining and engrossing you in my virtual adventures!

If I fail to post some days, it is not due to me forgetting to post; it’s simply due to me forgetting what I had dreamt. I may remember later on in the day, as it happens sometimes. In that case, the post will be later in the day instead of the morning.


All the credit for the pictures go the the owner/photographer. I do bring all of them into Photoshop in order to give them my own flair, edit them slightly, or create an entirely new image.