Vivid Recall

Degraded Confidence, Lost Trust, and Freshies

I find myself in a dark and musty room that is central to a hallway that circles around it. There are two open doors opposite of one another that lead out to the hallway. The hallway is 3 people should to shoulder wide, and there is a string of organized people marching in circles around the room via the hallway. I recognize one as a YouTuber’s mascot and quickly use the two door to try and catch up with him to say hi, but somehow I always arrive just moments too late before he passes by. I grab something from the room that makes me gag something horrible and run out the door I had just checked in an attempt to beat the system. I run right into him, stumbling and gagging as they continued to march on without giving a moments notice to me. Emerging from the small crowd on the other side, I discover another room.

To get to this room, however, I must fit throughs several doorways. I suddenly seem to be wearing a hard, bulbous suit that forces me to painfully squeeze through each doorway, popping out the other side. After the grueling work, I arrive. This small, warmly lit room has schematics, sketches, and drawings of an anthropomorphic mouse with a fake prosthetic leg; meaning he didn’t need it, but the leg was created to seem like the creature needed it. The mouse in the drawings had both legs and could walk easily. Several sketches has arrows maneuvering around the mouse’s foot in different positions, as if to show direction of force and motion. One sketch I remember shows the mouse sitting on a small wooden chair with one foot pulled up as if he were examining it. He wears a little hat, trousers, and gentlemen’s gloves; a renaissance look if you will. I seem to know this mouse, as I feel cheated and angry for being lied to. I storm to the mouse’s house where he is just finishing up a shower. He comes out with a towel wrapped around his waist and a morose look on his face, as if he already knew I had revealed his secret. We have a conversation about it, and then I head out to a large briefing room with walls of windows.

There are Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors of high school in this room, stacked on bleacher-like rows of stairs. I spot my group of two friends sitting on a window sill and I join them, hopping up on a sill beside them. I spot a pen beside be and ask if it’s one of theirs. I glance outside to the freezing weather and noticed the Freshman sitting on the lawn, huddled against the cold like penguins. I laugh and point them out, and the whole room erupts in laughter at the Freshman being left outside, yet no one does anything about it.

This was an interesting string of dreams to be sure, I hope you found it….. interesting. As you can also see, I was pressed for time regarding the photo, so I just whipped something up quick XD


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