Vivid Recall

Monsters and Suspicious Tranquility

This one resembled Resident Evil 7 again (bet you guys can’t figure out what I’ve been watching on YouTube haha). I was wandering a darkened field with tall, thin, and sparsely growing weeds that blew in the sick breeze. A cool grey filter overlaid my vision as I realized I was small. A normally 3ft bird feeder seemed like 12ft tall. To my right, a big red gelatinous monster with many tentacles and a nasty maw charged me. It wrapped it’s tentacles around my waist, lifted me up over the lip of the bird feeder, and slammed me into the shallow water. Looking at me with its bulbous eyes that resembled blue human eyes, it’s main body seemed to flatten slightly and morph into a shallow concave shape with an eye on either end, fixated on me. The sounds of zombies gargling and groaning echoed below me. I then found myself on the ground running from these terrible beasts, the red blob monster now gone. I turn to fire a few shots every once in a while with a pistol I have, but they relentlessly come at me. One launches itself at me with an open and slimy maw to reveal the nasty teeth that cut my life short, painlessly ending that portion of my dreaming.

I found myself near a road next to the same ranch that was in my previous dream. The road ran north and south to me left as I faced north. My boss rode his horse at a walk down this road headed north, along with an Amish carriage headed south pulled by no horses. I turned and walked down a small hill to my right and found a small, short yet wide barn that ran parallel to another gravel road that snaked along the base of the hill I just descended. People bustled about their own business, but I felt an evil in the air despite the cheery atmosphere. Mid afternoon sunlight lit the land in a pleasant glow and a soft ocean breeze rustled my hair and scented me with salt. Glancing beyond the barn, I spotted the ocean, a vast expanse of blue nothingness that glistened a blinding light. To my left, I noticed that same buckskin horse that always makes an appearance in my dreams involving work. My dream ends with my family waking up, caring not that they woke me up as well. There is much more peril in the second potion of my dreaming, but I just can’t seem to recall what happened.


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