Fuzzy Remembrance

Golden Confusion

I am in a large, wooden barn with some people that I work with at a ranch. Golden particles of dust float in the warm air, illuminated by sharp sun rays that peek though cracks between the wooden panels. Not a breath of wind finds its way into the room, despite the large wall-sized door behind me. There is a tall cabinet in the center of the room and my boss stands next to it and tells me that there are deer in the upper loft! I get excited before he laughs and opens the cabinet doors to reveal a deer decoy. I get mad at him and laugh along with everyone else. I then squat down and arrange different cuts of meat in a crate, all labeled “lamb chops.” I look out and see horses in a large pen as the base of a small incline, of which I’m at the top of, trotting around in circles.

This is a bit shorter dream, but it felt very familiar in some weird way. I might have had dreams with the same horse pen before, I think that’s it. I remember one horse of all of them. He is a large, buckskin gelding (same color of Spirit if you’ve ever seen that movie) that resembles an actual horse that lives at the ranch I work at.


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