Vivid Recall

Daring Infiltration

This one is a bit sporadic, but the story seems to tie into itself logically, except for a short scene during a quick second spell of sleep.

Me and a group of two or three people try to infiltrate some sort of camp by disguising ourselves as dirty, poor, and emaciated people and blending into the crown of seven to either others. We gather on the ground against a rusty wall as what I can only describe as some sort of slave master walks into the room. The heavily build guard commands the attention of everyone without speaking a word. Time even seems to slow in order to pay respects to him. Musty dust particles shimmer in the few sunbeams that slice through small openings in the roof as coldness descends onto us as a single, empty mass. Suddenly, the guard reaches for one of the poor souls on the ground with the quickness of a viper strike, barely missing my head with his rough grip. The victim who is snagged barely lets out a whimper as the guards throws them to the side and fixates his sharp gaze onto the group. I glare back as I begin to slowly crawl towards the hurt individual. In flawless transition, my dream shifts scenes and circumstances.

My group is scattered across a house that seems dilapidated, yet still occupied. They are collecting cash and gold bars from different stashes around the house. I am roaming and keeping an eye out for the owner, who carries a big axe and a mean temper. He resembles Jack from the newly released game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. I soon spot him stumbling down a hallway and run around the house, alerting my group that “he is here to take back his money!” I franticly make my way around the house after alerting my group to find myself turning a corner that led to a spiral staircase up to the next floor. Below the stair case is a dark hallway with steps leading into the murky darkness. My dream then cuts short as my noisy family wakes me up.

After falling back asleep, I seem to be looking at a couple through the view of a selfie, as if I’m observing through the lens of a phone camera as this couple records a short video in what seems like a quaint mall. They talk about how it was a rough summer during their first year of marriage, but after talking it over and trying to heal their relationship over time, they are living a happy life together. They seem to be in their low 20s. I recognize the man as what seems to be a younger version of a YouTuber that I watch, though I don’t recognize the woman. She has long, dark brown hair and a beautiful, petite face. They both seem very happy. I then wake up once again to realize I have class in 20 minutes.


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