Online Terror

A common dream among those who have gone to school or still go to school is the dreaded “being late for class” or “getting lost on the first day” dream. Having gone to both private and public schools longer than I have homeschooled online, you would think that, if I were to have that type of dream, it would be set in a brick and mortar school. But alas, my mind is not so kind to me.

In my dream, I awake five minutes before my new online class begins for the spring semester. I clumsily stumble out of bed and quickly find myself sitting on my couch with hazy senses, struggling to get to the webpage where the link to the online classroom is found. The buttons are fuzzy around the edges and the text seems to be swimming. My vision has a black vignette as my mind churns with stress. The layout is unfamiliar to me, but I am convinced it’s where I find the link I need. Just one link. The page says there are two classrooms, and I don’t know which one I need to be in, I wasn’t told there would be two rooms! I’m panicking and I try to enter at least one, but the buttons seem to be broken. There is no way to contact the teacher that I can’t figure out what to do or where to go. I’m alone in the house, which has grown very cold. My vision then swirls in a flurry of stress and panic before I return to reality at 4 in the morning. My class in real life doesn’t start till 8am, but my body proceeded to wake me up every half hour due to stress.

It’s not a very exciting dream, I realize that, but I find it fascinating that my brain translated this common dream type into a homeschooler’s version. Personally, I have never had a dream of getting lost on my way to class before, so this was surprising! Plus it relates exactly to what is going on in real life for me, as I started a new class this morning for the spring semester. I dreamed of other things last night as well. I vaguely remember them being high action and fighting, but I recall no details of those particular dreams.


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