Fuzzy Remembrance

Hazy Stealth

Last night’s dream is not coming to mind as crisply as most dreams do, but I’ll recount it best I can.

There is some sort of war going on far away and I am responsible for restocking a shipment that is to be sent to the troops later that day. There are enemies in the maze of trees and bushes that surround the overgrown base. I must Sneak my way past these strange, roaming enemies in while collecting parts of supplier along the way, similar to the arrangement of a video game. These enemies resemble the zombie things that appear in the Resident Evil games. The environment is dark and wet, but I seem to know it’s day time. A cool gray fog is draped over the landscape as if attempting to smother the earth and end its misery. I have a third person view of me at all times. I sneak my way around the maze, doing my very best not to alert the enemy to my presence while collecting pieces of shipment along the way. But I need to be quick, cause a time limit requires me to hasten my endeavor, otherwise the troops will not get their shipment and we will loose the war. However, I feel not a hint of stress, which is unusual for me in time contained situations.

As I make my way through the maze, beige colored blocks begin to appear in the bushes, forming pathways of their own that resembled a poorly made hallway in Minecraft that had holes in it and staggered like a drunk. At this point, I don’t know what my objective is anymore, I’m just wandering in an endless maze, now in first person I might add. After wandering in that mixed media maze for what seemed like ages, I awoke from my dream to the typical commotion of my three younger sisters getting up and ready for school.


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